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22 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hi , great playlist , great work !
    2 things :
    Don’t forget to notice the bad seeds with Nick Cave and maybe can you add a bit of the gun club.

  2. I’m a little bit disapointed cause i’m not found of Chris Cornell screaming sometimes winning voice and it appears you must be a big fan cause there is too much of CC alone or with his multiple bands, soundgaren , temple of the dog , audioslave.
    Otherwise my suggestions : Shiver from Nick cave first band “the boys next doors” with Rowland S. Howard and maybe some first seventies Queen 1 and 2 like “the march of the black queen” and other rocking tracks like “the prophet song” “white man” or balade like “white queens” ” you take my breath away.

  3. G morning! I’ve beginning listen to the freak radio! few days ago and enjoy so much! Congratulations for playing the best rock ever!! Please play some velvet underground!

    Best regards!
    Andre (from Brazil)

    • Hello Andre,

      Greetings to you and the Brazilian Freaks from us in Ireland. It’s great to hear that you listen and that you are enjoying the sounds!

      We love the Velvet Underground. Keep listening for lots from the banana album…

  4. Loving listening to you in our home in Australia. Any time of day is good to listen to the Freak. Thanks and keep it coming xx

  5. Found you on, under eclectic category, and your name hooked me in. All kinds of rock Saturday nite and now dream pop and ambient on Sunday, great! A new favorite!

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