Here it is with two fingers to stations that have prostituted the good name of Rock ‘n Roll.

12 months in the making, Irish Rock station ‘The Freak’ launches 4pm Monday September 24th.

The Freak Team has worked in both the music and the broadcast industries for longer than we care to admit but our long experience and knowledge of great music gained over the years of working in music, listening to music and loving music is reflected in what we regard as a Playlist which in essence is the A – Z encyclopedia of all that is worthy of our mission plan which is to deliver the definitive selection of all things that rock!We start at 4pm Monday September 24th with an hour of classic Irish Rock
5-7 The best Rock, Folk & ‘Freaky’ music from over five decades
7-8 Mumford & Sons new album ‘Babel’ in full
Full Rock service 24/7/365Streaming now 128k –

Sneak Preview!

Tonight at 22:00 hrs GMT, 23:00 hrs CET, The Freak goes live!

The Freak will officially launch in September 2012. Right now we’re selecting music, song by song, to bring you the best Rock, Folk & ‘Freaky’ Music from over five decades, 24hrs a day. But tonight, we’ll be giving you a flavour of how our programmes will sound from September onwards. We hope you enjoy what you hear and we’d love to find out what you think of our radio station.

Don’t miss your sneak preview of the best Rock, Folk & ‘Freaky’ Music from over five decades, 24hrs a day – The Freak!